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When Faithfulness Feels Like a Party Game Life Out Loud

In Episode 6 of Season 3, Desireé uses a fun party game to describe what faithfulness can sometimes feel like. In this episode she unpacks how confidence, trust and relationships all relate to faithfulness. She offers biblical examples of faith in action and how even Jesus’ disciples sometimes wavered in their walk. In the end, we can imagine Jesus talking directly to us on our own walk. Topics include: Something specific about the heart of faithfulness (3:38)How do we trust Jesus so we can bear faithfulness? (5:33)Biblical examples of faithfulness in action (5:58) Join Desireé as she uses her trips around the sun to throw encouragement around like confetti!Support the showFollow on Instagram, Facebook & TwitterSupport and Keep this Podcast Fueled: Buy Her a CoffeeVisit the WebsiteContact Her for Coaching to live your best life… EVER!
  1. When Faithfulness Feels Like a Party Game
  2. Be Kind and Filled with Good
  3. This is For the Impatient Ones
  4. For a World Craving Joy & Peace
  5. Let’s Begin with Love

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