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Because it’s the Holidays and I like Cupcakes : Episode 8 Life Out Loud

This podcast began because helping humans live their best life and become the best version of themselves is what Desireé’s life is all about. Join Desireé as she uses her trips around the sun to throw encouragement around like confetti!In the 8th and final episode of Season 1, we join Desireé as she answers the question, “How do you powerfully enjoy the Holiday Season (and all the hustle and bustle) and begin the new year with joy?” In this episode you will find great tips, tricks and tools surrounding the art of preparation (because it is an art… and maybe a little bit of a science too!) 😉Topics include:The ultimate question (3:03)Simplifying your space (4:12)Kick worry to the curb  (5:36)I’m lazy and I like cupcakes… err… I mean, plan your work and work your plan (6:55)Know when to punt 🏈  (9:03)Follow Desireé on Instagram and FacebookSupport the show and keep this podcast fueled: Buy Her a CoffeeVisit Desireé on her WebsiteSupport the show ( the show (
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