Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday. The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. When I think about this day and what it means, I think back on Jesus’ faithful followers. I try and put myself in their shoes. I think of their despair and what they must have been feeling. For them, all hope seemed lost- for just the day before, hope– their hope made flesh– was horrifically and brutally crucified on a cross.

To Jesus’ faithful, it was over.

Maybe you are facing some Silent Saturday’s in your life right now. Hope seems lost. The path is no longer clear. Things we had figured out are now a little muddy and a lot uncertain. In the face of that, maybe even in spite of it, do not lose the faith. What ever you do, do not let your faith be shaken.

In the most silent of Saturdays, God is doing his greatest work. God is in control. Though he came to Earth, He never left the throne. Despite the state of our day-to-day lives, what we can see with our natural eyes, God is still in control and he is still on the throne. Sometimes when God seems to be silent, He is really doing his greatest and most profound work.

Sweet friends, I need to remind you of something that we know, that Jesus’ faithful who watched Him die on the cross didn’t know…

Tomorrow, JESUS RISES!

He defeats sin.

He defeats Satan.

He defeats death.

Tomorrow, Jesus drops the mic. He dropped it back then, and he is still working in our lives, dropping mics today. We might not be able to see it in our day-to-day moments, but we must trust that Resurrection Sunday in our lives is coming.

In stillness, the Earth awaits the Resurrection.

Sunday is coming.

Keep the faith.

Stand in hope.

Sunday is coming.

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