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Locker Rooms are Sacred Places

I have at least a million locker room tales that range from heart-warming to flat-out hilarious. Some are one-liners that make me laugh and some are emotional stories that offer wisdom beyond years. I would love to blog them and share them with the world but I can’t bring myself to do it. I have thought […]

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Deck of Death

Today I did the hardest workout of my life. Today I did the Deck of Death. Get your mind right, Girl. You got this. 1 Deck of Cards vs. You. Your body, your mind and your damn near soul. Start the time. Flip a card. Crossfit peeps know what I am talking about. 10 burpees. […]

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For the Love of Crossfit

I can’t lie, sometimes I used to get annoyed with CrossFit posts… It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy people were getting great workouts… It was more like I kill it at the gym 5-6 days a week, I don’t tell everyone about it, why must you? My hoity-toity self found it annoying! I could never […]

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