For the Love of Crossfit

20130320-092302.jpgI can’t lie, sometimes I used to get annoyed with CrossFit posts… It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy people were getting great workouts… It was more like I kill it at the gym 5-6 days a week, I don’t tell everyone about it, why must you? My hoity-toity self found it annoying!

I could never understand why on Instagram I always saw CrossFit photos of people collapsed on the floor post workout mostly in the fetal position sometimes in child’s pose. I can honestly say, after all the workouts I have done in my life whether it was conditioning for a sport, losing weight, just keeping in shape, I rocked it out… And I never collapsed in the fetal position… My hoity-toity self found it, well, weird.

A couple weeks ago, my hoity-toity self found a new love… It’s name is… Wait for it… CrossFit.

It’s a race against yourself. It’s a race against the clock. It’s a race against your mind. (It’s Siiiiick)

It’s funny, I have been training with weights since I was a freshman in high school and before that I was constantly conditioning or training for something because I played sports year round. No matter how right my mind was, lifting weights I would get so tired so fast. On my 8th or 10th rep I would think oh I can’t do anymore. Reached my goal… Done! My mind has been blown with CrossFit. It’s amazing how many more reps you have in you when you aren’t counting reps but going up against a clock. It’s funny how fast you can rep out a movement when your doing it for time.

I don’t know if it’s the setting or the clock or the race against yourself and your mind but, I dig it and it’s awesome and I’m addicted.

Cheers to CrossFit, Dez

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