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The Perils of Public WiFi: 1.5.13

1.5.13 – Another Local Panera Sweats on, hat pulled down over my messy just-rolled-outta-bed hair, I stopped to pick up some much needed grub on my way home from the doctor. I was headed home for one of those “I am sick and dying” kind of naps. I’m sitting waiting for my grub, enjoying a […]

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The Perils of Public WiFi: 11.2.12

11.2.12 – Chapbook Cafe Amazing ambience, grub-a-licious food and stellar variety of tea… My beef… The swag… The glorious, alluring, fascinating swag that adorns every inch of this place… I blame myself and my need to purchase books and trinkets and scarves and fingerless gloves and bacon shaped band-aids and other random things I consider […]

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The Perils of Public WiFi: 10.25.12

10.25.12 – Panera My dearest Panera with your delicious hot peach and ginger tea… You are good to me (usually.) Yummy food, delicious bevies, supah-fast wifi and way comfy chairs for my bum. It’s not you that I have a problem with… It’s your people. Specifically the one sitting next to me hacking up her […]

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The Perils of Public WiFi: 10.3.12

I began this blog from my deck… My secluded, quiet, serene, uber-private deck… Then I decided maybe it would be a fun little idea to venture out of my comfort zone of my bikini and tank tops and go into the “working world”… Maybe become a connoisseur of local coffee shops and eateries. In theory, […]

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