The Perils of Public WiFi: 1.5.13

1.5.13 – Another Local Panera

Sweats on, hat pulled down over my messy just-rolled-outta-bed hair, I stopped to pick up some much needed grub on my way home from the doctor. I was headed home for one of those “I am sick and dying” kind of naps. I’m sitting waiting for my grub, enjoying a piece of the free-wifi… And then I heard them. Four adorable regulars probably around the classic age of 70. Now I usually don’t eavesdrop on conversations and most of the time I don’t even realize the ones transpiring around me because my ear buds are always on blast, but this delightful day, they weren’t. I snuck a quick peek from under my hat because I needed to see who the men where that were having this hilariously amusing conversation… They were Little Old Michigan Men. From the hats to the coats, and one was even rocking a sweatshirt, they were smothered in an ugly shade of Maize and Blue. Now, I was amused… And highly eavesdropping… And no, I didn’t even feel guilty. The topics ranged from Walmart Wolverines to Tom Brady and how he would have matched up with Joe Flacco this past Superbowl Weekend. One of them even muttered the cliche “Friends don’t let friends be State Fans” …I wonder if they realized they were in Spartan Country!? Is it wrong that I wanted to join their little club and befriend these amusing little old men just so I could talk 50 Shades of College Football with them. I just might have to come back… Same time, Same Place, next week Boys! (And try to take it easy on the maize… It’s ugly.)

Cheers, Dez


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