Monday Musings 1.7.13

Monday Musings5After a fabulous little Holiday break, Monday Musings is back… And while I sometimes worry that I won’t have a topic, today God sure gave me my musing loud and clear… Thanks for that, Lord. You always seem to come through. (insert half-smile and slightly annoyed eye-roll here.)

Today started with a plan and the best of intentions… And then my alarm didn’t go off… Okay, so it went off, but then I hit snooze 67 times because I haven’t been sleeping the best and I was e x h a u s t e d… and before I knew it (…wait for it…) I was running late! The kind of late where you leave the house without washing your face or doing your hair and you pray that you don’t run into anyone because if you did they would surely think you were a disheveled slob who didn’t own a comb. The kind of late where you are driving (s-p-e-e-d-i-n-g) down the highway barefoot still getting dressed and praying that you don’t get pulled over but kind of hoping you do so that at least THEN you would have an excuse. The kind of late where you just want to crawl into a hole and die because that would be much easier than having to face the fact that you really screwed up… I was late, and there were people depending on me… People who I didn’t want to let down, people with slightly more important schedules than mine,  people whose opinions I value and I like to come through for. So here it is… The perfect scene has been set for a nice little musing. (Like I said, Thanks, Lord.)

In church this weekend we were confronted with a fact, a revelation for me… “God is pleased with us.” ::insert screeching tires coming to a halt:: Waiiit Whhhhhhaaat?

God. Is. Pleased. With. Us.

He is still pleased with us even though we sin. He is still pleased with us even though we royally screw up. He is still pleased with us even though we over-sleep and let people down. While I understood this clearly sitting in church, I didn’t really want him to actually have to make me learn it and feel the emotion of it and work through it! Now don’t get me wrong, this revelation does not get me off the hook for screwing up with people, I still need to clean it up with them and own my mistakes and learn from them and for goodness sakes, work on the whole insomnia thing I have going lately. It was, however, an opportunity to not beat myself up and go down a road of self-deprecating thoughts and thinking that my entire day or week was ruined just because I messed up on a (perfectly planned out) Monday morning.

I don’t know about you, but when I fail at life I begin to feel insecure in myself, I am hard on myself and am a trained professional at beating myself up. God is always holding onto us when we fail, fall short and basically just suck at life. He is holding onto us when we let the rest of the world down. There is nothing more that we can do to please God because Jesus already did it. God is there to remind us that no matter what we do he is pleased with us and not because of anything we can do, but what Jesus already did 2000 years ago on a cross in Calvary.

Cheers to Over-Sleeping (and learning more life lessons), Dez


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