My Journey to the Mommy Club: Revelations Through Ultrasounds

Hubbz gets out of the car. He’s chipper this morning. Kind of a little too chipper for me. I like to take mornings slow and quiet because me and mornings have a very shaky relationship. Mornings and I don’t really love each other to put it nicely. I need to ease into mornings most days. I […]

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Joining The Coveted Mommy Club

I didn’t always want to be a member of the Mommy Club. For 8 years now I have been the President of the Rockin’ Auntie Club and that’s been working out juuuust fine. I must say, I take my job as Prezzy of the Rockin’ Aunites super-duper serious. Load ’em up with love on Sleepover […]

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Inked by Stu. Redeemed By Grace.

I am a big fan of tattoos. I think they are raw and open yet personal and cryptic at the same time. I enjoy the process of new ink. Visualizing it, designing it, picking out the perfect spot for it to adorn my skin for my lifetime. My tattoo artist, Stu is a creative genius. I […]

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Monday Musings 1.7.13

After a fabulous little Holiday break, Monday Musings is back… And while I sometimes worry that I won’t have a topic, today God sure gave me my musing loud and clear… Thanks for that, Lord. You always seem to come through. (insert half-smile and slightly annoyed eye-roll here.) Today started with a plan and the best […]

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A Note to 2012

Dear 2012, As you come to a close I wanted to write you a note of thanks. You, my friend, were a hard year for me- but one that proved to provide the most growth I have ever achieved. Thank you for the life changes you brought me. Thank you for the lessons that were […]

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