Locker Rooms are Sacred Places

I have at least a million locker room tales that range from heart-warming to flat-out hilarious. Some are one-liners that make me laugh and some are emotional stories that offer wisdom beyond years. I would love to blog them and share them with the world but I can’t bring myself to do it. I have thought […]

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Limitations Like Fears are Just an Illusion

There are no words to explain the level of excellence on this video… Enjoy! Cheers, Dez

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Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers – I Am Second.

I know that I am the girl who is notorious for “loving” professional athletes… Especially those of the football profession. It’s one of my fun little quirks that makes me, well, “The Girl!” While there are some that I adore because of their looks, skill or swagger… (Mark Sanchez, Reggi Bush, Blake Griffin, Calvin Johnson […]

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