While I Wait for Extraordinary Endings

We spend our lives waiting for extraordinary endings to things. We grow up brainwashed by the movies to think this life always ends in extraordinary ways. Relationships never actually end because the guy is always waiting at the top of the airport escalator and the girl always comes back. That’s not real life. Real life is […]

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Beauty in the Breakdown

Why do we so often forget that there is beauty in the breakdown? Beauty in the falling. Beauty in the cleaving. Beauty in the breaking. Some of the most beautiful moments in my life are when I was broken seemingly beyond repair and hurting more than I could handle. It is in those moments that […]

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Inspiration from Chatting at the Sky

One of the blogs that warms my heart and speaks to my very soul is Chatting at the Sky. Today she offered a little peace for her readers to take into the weekend… Click Here to enjoy. Cheers, Dez

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Inadvertent Life Lessons from Coach D

My Spartans fell to Nebraska this past Saturday in a heartbreaking last second loss… Coach said some amazing comments that taken out of the football context can be applied to life. “Take a deep breath, don’t flinch and keep pushing. In the end it hurts, but you have to look things in the eye and […]

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Yoga is More than Having a Phenomenal Butt.

I had a moment of inspiration during yoga tonight… So, I guess a wise yogi dude is right sometimes… Click Here for The Girl’s Moment of Enlightenment… Cheers, Dez

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