While I Wait for Extraordinary Endings

We spend our lives waiting for extraordinary endings to things.

We grow up brainwashed by the movies to think this life always ends in extraordinary ways.

Relationships never actually end because the guy is always waiting at the top of the airport escalator and the girl always comes back.

That’s not real life.

Real life is complicated and raw and messy.

Real life is full of holes that are gaping.

Real life answers are sometimes real life silence.

Peace is sometimes found only in ourselves.

I am thankful that not every ending is a happy one and not every question gets answered because for this my soul needs something bigger. I can spend a lifetime waiting for extraordinary endings from this world that will never come. My soul aches for a peace and a calm that can only be found when I hit the floor with my knees and seek something greater than myself.

For that moment is when I am at peace. In my weakest hour, His strength stands tall.

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