The Good in Good Friday

Holy Week began last Sunday. The little girl in me remembers Catholic Palm Sunday masses filled with excitement and hope. The reminder that something big was coming. There were palms that we folded into crosses as we listened to the messages of our beloved sweet Jesus triumphantly riding into Jerusalem. On Monday, Notre Dame caught […]

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When Marriage is “Meh”… or worse

Apparently, the Universe (or insert your version of “the Universe” here) thinks there is a topic I am supposed to be writing about in my blog. It’s a topic that has been presenting itself at every turn. It’s a topic that has been nagging at me since October. To combat the urging to write about it, […]

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While I Wait for Extraordinary Endings

We spend our lives waiting for extraordinary endings to things. We grow up brainwashed by the movies to think this life always ends in extraordinary ways. Relationships never actually end because the guy is always waiting at the top of the airport escalator and the girl always comes back. That’s not real life. Real life is […]

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FaceTime Lessons with my Sister

So I’m standing in my kitchen at 9:30 on a random weeknight and decide to dial-up my sister in Boston. With her kiddos fast asleep I hope to catch her in those sacred moments after baths and bed but before she calls it a day. FaceTime rings once then to my astonishment the screen reads […]

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Romance Begins in the Kitchen

People say romance begins in the kitchen. A couple nights ago Hubbz and I were cooking together… “Come here often?” Heyyyyyy Bae. LOL (yes, I literally lol’d when I typed that) I was chopping and dicing (isn’t that the same thing?) and he was rockin’ the stove. I cut into the sexiest red pepper and EWWWW! Moldy, rotten, […]

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