FaceTime Lessons with my Sister

So I’m standing in my kitchen at 9:30 on a random weeknight and decide to dial-up my sister in Boston. With her kiddos fast asleep I hope to catch her in those sacred moments after baths and bed but before she calls it a day. FaceTime rings once then to my astonishment the screen reads “connecting”! I don’t know why but I am still always amazed that I can be 773 miles away and it’s like I am right there. (I hope I never lose that awe with the world. I digress.)IMG_6037

My sisters beautiful face pops up and I smile. I throw up a little hallelujah and thank God silently for these super special way too few moments. I stand at the counter and make Hubbz a snack of peanut butter and apples while while I chat with my sister. We laugh and catch up on things that only sisters can talk about. She tells me to hold on a second and she runs off to do something.

That was the moment that it hit me…

As I sat there staring at the wall in her dining room waiting for her to return, thinking about her now fast asleep kids that are usually running about I had a thought be-bop into my brain.

FaceTime reminds me of God.

Super weird statement… Yep, I totally get it.

Go with me on this for a minute. I promise it will be worth it.

God so loves us that he dials us up. He calls our name. Sometimes we hear his distinct ringtone sometimes we are so busy with life that we don’t. And there are also those times that we purposefully send him to voicemail because, let’s be honest we can’t be bothered. (Yep, totes guilty here.)

Then there are the moments that God does connect with us, but then we put him on hold so we can fly and flit to this thing and that. God is there watching, waiting, willing us to return to the conversation with him. Sometimes we return, sometimes we keep him on hold for a very very long time because I mean, we got this on our own. (Again, totes guilty… Oops.)

I ponder this as I wait for my sister. Finally her face pops back into the screen and my heart is joyful. We finish our convo say our “good nights”, “see you soon” and “kiss the kids”.

And just like that she’s gone.

I feel sad for a moment- but then I start to pray.

Prayers of thanks for moments with my sister.

Prayers of thanks for a plan larger than me.

Prayers of thanks that I have a God who loves me with mercy and grace.

My heart becomes steadied.

God is in control…

If only I pick up the FaceTime and answer Him when He calls.

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