FaceTime Lessons with my Sister

So I’m standing in my kitchen at 9:30 on a random weeknight and decide to dial-up my sister in Boston. With her kiddos fast asleep I hope to catch her in those sacred moments after baths and bed but before she calls it a day. FaceTime rings once then to my astonishment the screen reads […]

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Of Sin and Song… Wait, What?

I am a music junkie. I can’t explain it, it just speaks to my soul and resonates in my brain. Music is the perfect marriage of melody and poetry and for me that’s pretty fantastic. Today I downloaded some pretty fancy Jesus Beats. One of the verses went like this… (you can listen here) “You and […]

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Jefferson Bethke’s Grace v. Fear

Jefferson Bethke has a great way of explaining the Word. This is a pretty incredible message on Grace v. Fear and the temptations that can literally hypnotize and lure us away from our Christ walk. “When we put our ear closer to the heart of Jesus, sin drowns out more and more and more.”  

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Save This for When Life Sucks

It’s inevitable… Life is going to suck sometimes. I don’t mean your favorite store doesn’t have the stiletto’s you’ve been lusting after in your size. Nor am I talking about when you run out of your moisturizer and you have to use the back-up brand you leave in the bottom of your gym locker. (Yes, […]

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Monday Musings 11.25.13

Be Still. 7 months ago this became my mantra. It was my hymn, my chant, my affirmation. It has now become my testimony and the words that I built my life on. Two little words have changed the course of lifetimes and now, they have taken root in mine. Jesus did this when he knelt […]

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