Reflections & New Beginnings

At the end of a chapter in life, I have come to the conclusion that we must take a moment to reflect. On Friday, I walked out of my office for the final time. The parties were over, the cake was long gone and the presents and the cards had been opened. I had the […]

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My Dog Taught Me Definitive Lessons on Being Human

The last three weeks of life have taught me some definitive lessons on being human… I learned these lessons because of a dog. Yes, a dog… A dog that is smaller than most house cats. I’ll let that sink in. A little sidenote, if you aren’t a lover of dogs, (I am sorry for you) […]

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FaceTime Lessons with my Sister

So I’m standing in my kitchen at 9:30 on a random weeknight and decide to dial-up my sister in Boston. With her kiddos fast asleep I hope to catch her in those sacred moments after baths and bed but before she calls it a day. FaceTime rings once then to my astonishment the screen reads […]

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This One’s for the Birds!

I have a thing about birds. I love them. I love sitting on my deck and watching them. I think it’s amazing. These little creatures, flying all over creation without a care in the world. If that sounds weird to you, I offer you some advice. Take five minutes out of your day and go […]

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Desire vs. Value

I learned something profound that I want to share with every girl and woman in America. Yes, I just said every girl and woman in America. It’s that big of a deal. I learned something at 30 that I wish I would’ve known at 15 and 17 and 23 and 29. I learned something at […]

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