Romance Begins in the Kitchen

People say romance begins in the kitchen. A couple nights ago Hubbz and I were cooking together…

“Come here often?”

Heyyyyyy Bae.

LOL (yes, I literally lol’d when I typed that) I was chopping and dicing (isn’t that the same thing?) and he was rockin’ the stove. I cut into the sexiest red pepper and EWWWW! Moldy, rotten, grossness greeted me. I shrieked…

Yeah, I know, right!? No judgements.

Anyway, after my way-too-girly shriek, Hubbz came over and asked slightly alarmed, “are you ok?!” Poor Hubbz thought I cut my finger off. When he realized I was ok he gave me one of his “you’re so adorable it’s maddening” looks (maybe it was his “you’re obnoxious” face but, perception is reality soooo I will believe I am adorable.)top-view-red-pepper

I realized something from that sexy red pepper. How many of us are exactly like it!? On the outside we’re pristine and picture perfect but the inside is a disgusting mess. In a world that puts vanity and looking good above everything, I am sure a lot of us can relate. I can tell you from experience there was a time that I was exactly like that pepper. My life looked so amazingly great. Awesome husband, good job, beautiful home… All I was missing was the white picket fence. Truth was, I hated what I saw in the mirror because I hated who I was inside. My heart was a mess. A moldy, rotten, gross mess. Lies, lust, deceit, envy and a slew of other not so wonderful things ran rampant in my life. Christ came into my life and cut me wide open, exposing the decay. It hurt like hell in that moment and healing took a long time but the other side of it… Delicious! Being able to look in the mirror and not cringe at the person looking back at you- that’s stuff that fairy tales are made of… Except it doesn’t have to be a fairy tale, it can be your life.

It’s because this dude named Jesus loved me more than I loved myself. He saw the decay in my heart and he got to work cleaning it out. It wasn’t easy and I have many scars to remind me of my past but I stand here as a believer in Christ telling you, it’s worth it. I invite you to take a look inside of you. Be authentic and real for a moment. I am willing to bet (and I am not the betting kind) that you might have some rottenness inside your heart just like me. Through the healing of my heart, my marriage was restored. My dreams became vivid again. My life changed in ways that I could have only imagined.

A night in the kitchen with my sexy-as-all-get-out Hubbz and a moldy red pepper gave me a revelation and a sweet reminder of God’s goodness. I guess romance really does start in the kitchen.

Wonder what’s cookin’ tonight!

CheersDez cursiveslope

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