Funkay-Fresh Friday Fun 8.1.14

August is here and with that I am back to work! I am happy to be back because I missed my students and my little slice of campus! As I work on kicking off a great Fall Semester, take a minute to enjoy some of the best internet shenanigans I have seen this week! Think […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 7.25.14

This summer seems like every day is my Friday. While I am not complaining, I know that isn’t the case for all of you. SO, without further ado, I present this week’s Funkay Freshness. Enjoy! Peanut Butter and Pups makes my face laugh. The point of social media is TO ENGAGE WITH OTHERS. Some people […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 5.30.14

Another Friday recaps another week full of life! This Bachelor’s video is 3:31 of hilarious. Boys will be Boys! OTA’s have kicked-off for my Cowboys in a very bad way with Sean Lee tearing his left ACL… I am blaming Jerry. (I am also being facetious!) Why is it that oftentimes in death, is the only […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 5.16.14

Another week has come to a close… Another edition of Funkay-Fresh Friday Links is up to bat! I don’t know what I would do with this… But I want one! GO TO SLEEP! No seriously, nothing is worth risking your health… Go to bed. Leaving it behind… Even when it’s painful… DANG IT!!!!! My birthday […]

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Jesus, Football & a Crumb. Who’s In?

Another dose of awesome from Dr. E… Check out his Thursday Night Pep Talk from last night. There’s something in it for everyone… Jesus Stuff. Football Stuff. Dallas Cowboys Stuff. Washington Redskins Stuff. All you need is a crumb. Take a crumb opportunity and create a feast. Who’s with me? Check it out.. Thursday Night Pep […]

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