Funkay-Fresh Friday Fun 8.1.14

August is here and with that I am back to work! I am happy to be back because I missed my students and my little slice of campus! As I work on kicking off a great Fall Semester, take a minute to enjoy some of the best internet shenanigans I have seen this week!

Think you love the Cubbies? Kev’s got you beat soooo bad!

Richard Sherman is at it again… I have to say, he won this one… And I LOVE IT!

B1G Ten Media Days happened in the Windy City this week. Here’s a little Roundtable to sum it up.

On the Cowboys front, I will probably just end up crying (and yes, I realize there isn’t supposed to be crying in Football.) It just keeps getting worse.

There’s your Friday links… All sports because this chick is jonsin’ for COLLEGE FOOTBALL to kickoff!!!!!!!! 27 Days… But who’s counting!?

CheersDez cursiveslope

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