I Met a Jerk-Face Dog that Didn’t Listen

If you never learn anything about me other than the fact that I love animals, specifically dogs, then I will be fine with that. That being said, I met a jerk-face dog last night and he kind of reminded me of us humans.

Just last night I was driving home from visiting Ma and I saw a dog with no human galavanting down her street. I promptly pulled over and tried to summon the pup to look at his tags and see where he lived. He looked at me and ran the other direction. I proceeded to slowly walk toward him and in my sweetest little “I’m trying to rescue you” voice summoned the dog again. He proceeded to be a jerk and bark at me and run the other direction. After much of this back and forth and some cursing under my breath, I finally ended up reuniting the dog with his owner and all was right in the world.dog

It did get me thinking though…

Aren’t all of us like that jerk-face little yappy dog? (Go with me here…)

God calls out to us, gently sometimes, trying to summon us to find a home in Him. He puts little whispers in our lives so we don’t freak out, all the while trying to bring us back to him. He even sent a Savior to physically come to Earth and save our wretched souls. He sent Jesus to physically pluck us from the depths of despair in our lives and redeem us. Like that jerk-face little dog, we still don’t listen. We still want our own way, our own jacked-up desires, our own say in how our lives go.

I wonder what would happen if we stopped being so into ourselves and for a second put our flesh on hold. I wonder what would happen if for once we abided when Christ called. I’m the first to tell you that it’s the hardest thing on Earth to do. I’m selfish and I love me some jacked-up desires of the heart. (No there wasn’t a typo in that last sentence.) That being said, when we abide, when we put ourselves second, something happens and it’s a homecoming that we have never dreamed possible.

CheersDez cursiveslope

photo credit: cesarsway.com

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