Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 4.25.14

Are you a frequent traveler? I am not, although, sometimes I wish I was. I’m enamored by the fantasy! Living out of a suitcase. Checking out new cities. Business meetings in places they make movies about. Daily commutes of hundreds of miles instead of… Well, ahem, 10. Who am I kidding… I love sleeping in […]

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We are all so different and in that difference lies beauty. Pure, raw, untouched humanity. We try so hard to change people (yes, we all do it.) We push our thoughts of how and who they should be (yep, we have all done that too.) Sometimes we even talk about people behind their backs (don’t […]

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Monday Musings 11.12.12

I love people and their raw emotion. I love people without their pretenses and attitudes and worldly masks. I love meeting people in those places of raw unadulterated emotion. It is in those intimate moments we see the essence of who they really are… And in turn it mirrors who we really are.

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