Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 4.25.14


Are you a frequent traveler? I am not, although, sometimes I wish I was. I’m enamored by the fantasy! Living out of a suitcase. Checking out new cities. Business meetings in places they make movies about. Daily commutes of hundreds of miles instead of… Well, ahem, 10. Who am I kidding… I love sleeping in my own bed and my routine wayyy too much. Anyway, I digress… Here are 10 fun things for the jet-setting type.

A little healing emotion for your day. Be careful with this one, it’s raw and beautiful!

Tips for those of you who tend to lose things.

I love watching fellow artists delve into the creative process. This one does it by painting Space.

This is here simply to make you say “awwwwwwwwww”… And Go!

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