Monday Musings 4.28.14

Today’s musing is near and dear to my heart. Some of my favorite people on the face of the planet are moving away tomorrow and my heart is broken. Yes, we will Skype and FaceTime and I already have my plane tickets for my first trip to visit, but it’s not the same. No post-work soccer games or karate lessons to pop in on. No impromptu visits on the lunch hour. No more Sleepover Saturdays. There is a void that’s growing in my heart and now more than ever, I seek to fill that void with fruitfulness. As I have searched for ways to do that, I’ve learned some things that I have found to be vital in my journey…

1) It’s ok to cry. If you know me, you know this needs no explanation. I am notorious for thinking people should “suck it up” when crappy things happen… I also have realized I am a huge jerk for this train of thought. I am not saying be a whiny-ass crybaby, but I am saying a little ugly-face cry is good for the soul every now and again.

2) It’s ok to feel the ache of missing someone. I was a big fan of numbing my emotions to make the pain go away as fast as I could. This opportunity has lent itself to allow me to choose a different way to handle emotions that suck. I have learned to feel them. (Terrifying, I know.) While I still don’t like it (at all) I have learned that feeling a little emotion doesn’t kill me – it actually in some weird way makes me feel alive. A little more human. A little more connected.

3) It’s ok to look for the silver lining. Once I get done feeling all woe-is-me, I am pretty great at turning things around and looking at the bright side of things. (I get a pretty “wicked” place to go visit anytime I want… And I get to show up bringing my three nieces and nephew the raddest gifts ever!!!) Don’t get me wrong, this takes a lot of practice. You can practice it by making yourself actually do it. Focus on the good and the bad doesn’t seem so awful. It’s hard to do (especially when you just want to talk about how much it sucks and sit in Sulk City) but it’s essential to growth and happiness. Find the silver lining, focus on it and give thanks for the moments and the memories. Then get your butt moving to plan on when you will create more!

Change sucks but it’s essential. Stifling the emotions isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. I cheers to this journey these six amazing people in my life are going on and I cannot wait to see God’s plan for their life unfold.

Ugly-face cry.

Feel the wrenching on your heart.

Then, seek the silver lining.

CheersDez cursiveslope




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