My Dog Taught Me Definitive Lessons on Being Human

The last three weeks of life have taught me some definitive lessons on being human… I learned these lessons because of a dog. Yes, a dog… A dog that is smaller than most house cats. I’ll let that sink in. A little sidenote, if you aren’t a lover of dogs, (I am sorry for you) […]

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Splashing Into Summer with Your Pup!

I’m coming at you with another great product review from my friends at… The place where pet lovers shop! They were all kinds of amazing this month and in addition to Bella’s dental chews they threw in a surprise prezzy… Um, hello and thank you for knowing how to make my heart happy! Natural […]

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The Best Pet Treats on the Market Are…

Another review from is coming at you! They send me amazing products, I test them out and tell the world about them. Win, Win, SCORE! The shipping from is always lightning fast and in a world that wants everything yesterday, I find this wildly appealing! Bee-bop over to their site after you read […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 4.25.14

Are you a frequent traveler? I am not, although, sometimes I wish I was. I’m enamored by the fantasy! Living out of a suitcase. Checking out new cities. Business meetings in places they make movies about. Daily commutes of hundreds of miles instead of… Well, ahem, 10. Who am I kidding… I love sleeping in […]

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A Simple Life Reminder About Making Plans

The cliché phrase “life happens when you are busy making other plans” rang true for my life this weekend. I had big plans for my Sunday that included college basketball and a ridiculous amount of fun. It was all cut short when our adorably cute 5 lb. fur-ball, Bella, decided it would be a good […]

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