I Fell Asleep at Yoga… What Happened Next Will Make You Laugh

So here’s the thing… I pretend that I really like to workout but what I enjoy more is eating bacon and pinning on Pinterest. It is possible that I workout because I cannot stop eating bacon… and pizza and french fries and James Jonathan (…he only let’s me call him that so that’s Jimmy John’s […]

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Reminders at 7:38am

There are more than a few things in life that irritate me- one thing in particular I hate, loathe and find having to do beyond annoying. This silly annoying thing left undone, will absolutely put your life at a complete and utter stand still. I find stopping to fill up my gas tank one of the […]

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Play 60 and the NFL

I love this Play60 movement the NFL is pushing… It is awesome to see great organizations making strides against obesity! Check it out here This is on the list of my favorite commercials… Enjoy!

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