I Fell Asleep at Yoga… What Happened Next Will Make You Laugh

So here’s the thing… I pretend that I really like to workout but what I enjoy more is eating bacon and pinning on Pinterest. It is possible that I workout because I cannot stop eating bacon… and pizza and french fries and James Jonathan (…he only let’s me call him that so that’s Jimmy John’s to you). It is possible that I workout because I make poor choices about food. Not all the time, but enough to know that if I don’t hit the gym I will blow up to look like a fat kid addicted to cake.

All of this working out has led to many, ahem, how shall I say, “interesting” tales from the gym- all of which have become amazing learning opportunities for me.

There was the time I learned yoga was more than just having a phenomenal butt.

There was the time I learned my snazzy boxing techniques.

There was the time I was humbled with Crossfit.

Then there was the time I was thankful I remembered my underwear.

My most recent interesting moment wasn’t as Earth shattering as these other moments but it was too funny not to write about.

savasana-copy-2There I was, laying in savasana (which is also called corpse because you lay there like you are a dead person). Now I don’t know exactly what you are supposed to do in savasana but I fall asleep… Like immediately. I haven’t looked into what happens in other people’s minds when they are in savasana because I enjoy falling asleep and if I am supposed to be doing some mental meditative thing, I really don’t want to know. I digress…

So there I was in savasana… And it happened… I don’t know if you are familiar with fudge cakepops but I started to dream I was being fed fudge cakepops. I was in that state of mind right between dream and awake where you can feel if your body was doing something. I opened my mouth to eat the fudge cakepop. Right in the middle of the packed-like-sardines yoga room. Except there was no fudge cakepop… My brain then reminded me that I was in savasana…

Hello, Dollface, welcome back to yoga classWith a room full of people…”

At first I was pissed. Why was I not enjoying a delicious fudge cakepop!? Then I wondered if everyone else got a fudge cakepop besides me… Were these other yogi’s also eating fudge cakepops?!

Then it dawned on me…

Oh. Em. Gee.


Did anyone see me over here eating my amazing imaginary fudge cakepops?!



I can’t lie, I totally freaked because my flexible little pristine ego began to get embarrassed. No longer relaxed but in a state of sheer panic and mortification I did the only natural thing I could think of… I pretended that I was not eating imaginary fudge cakepops but instead I was simply yawning because eating and yawning look the same in a room full of people doing yoga… Right?!2011-09-15-chocolate-truffle-cake-pops-final-A-500

I slyly peeked around to see if anyone noticed. Roll my neck left, peek open a peeper. Roll my neck right, peek open a peeper… Great. Now I looked like the girl who has no idea what to do in savasana.

It’s as though eons go by and FINALLY our instructor speaks up… “Drawing your awareness back to the body…”

Back?! Lady, I’ve been here for the past 3 minutes making sure no one has seen me eating my imaginary fudge cakepops.

It was in that moment that I began to giggle. I am then reminded to never under any circumstances take myself too seriously because afterall, life is meant to giggle about imaginary fudge cakepops.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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