Deck of Death

Today I did the hardest workout of my life. Today I did the Deck of Death. Get your mind right, Girl. You got this. 1 Deck of Cards vs. You. Your body, your mind and your damn near soul. Start the time. Flip a card. Crossfit peeps know what I am talking about. 10 burpees. […]

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For the Love of Crossfit

I can’t lie, sometimes I used to get annoyed with CrossFit posts… It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy people were getting great workouts… It was more like I kill it at the gym 5-6 days a week, I don’t tell everyone about it, why must you? My hoity-toity self found it annoying! I could never […]

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The Girl’s Favorite Things

So this is totally an Oprah inspired random post… Any of you who have ever watched her show know where I am going with this… (Minus the uber-amazing giveaways!) LOL For those of you who don’t… You will catch on! Cheers, Dez My Favorite Lip Gloss My Favorite Eye Makeup Remover My Favorite Color Protecting […]

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Play 60 and the NFL

I love this Play60 movement the NFL is pushing… It is awesome to see great organizations making strides against obesity! Check it out here This is on the list of my favorite commercials… Enjoy!

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