Breaking News that Won’t Break You 🥰

Ciao Friends, Welcome back to this intimate little space. It’s been a while – I know. While I would like to blame all the things, the truth is, there is no blame to throw around. The time away from this blog has been something of a transformation – truly. I have some exciting news to […]

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A Blogging Virgin #TBT

In true #TBT style… I take a look back… April 20th, 2012. The day my blog was created. I was pee-my-pants terrified & off-the-wall excited. With blind-faith, I took the leap. Here is a look back. Enjoy!

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A Dentist on his Journey

Dr. Ryan Shinska. Chances are you probably don’t know this Michigan Man and until yesterday, neither did I. I was touched, moved and inspired by the good works happening in his life and it was on my heart to see how I could help him on his journey. Dr. Ryan Shinska is a friend of […]

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Muhammad Ali & Being a Champion

The picture below hangs on my bathroom mirror. The quote is by one of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali. It says “to be a great Champion you must believe you are the best.” … But what happens when you wake up just not feelin’ it? How do you turn it around? Click […]

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The First Post… Out Loud!

So, I finally did it! I took a deep breath, pushed away the fear and I started my blog! There is so much more to come but for now… Here it is… Click Here… Cheers, Dez ps… You may want to turn up the sound.  

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