A Dentist on his Journey

Dr. Ryan Shinska.

Chances are you probably don’t know this Michigan Man and until yesterday, neither did I. I was touched, moved and inspired by the good works happening in his life and it was on my heart to see how I could help him on his journey.IMG_0106

Dr. Ryan Shinska is a friend of a Facebook acquaintance – Oh the power of social media! He is a DDS (fancy for dentist) and a University of Michigan alum. Dr. Shinska is boarding a series of one-way flights to Uganda July 24, 2013. His mission? To deliver oral health care to people who otherwise wouldn’t receive it.

I urge you to check out the links below and pray for him and his journey. If your heart leads, I hope you contribute to his cause and pass it on to others in your life to spread the good works of Christ.

He will be live on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram soon too!

Read more about Ryan and Hope Smiles
Cheers, Dez

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