Gratitude Tuesday 12.11.12

I have been overwhelmed with gratitude lately… Life has just been so gosh darn incredibly amazing!!! In the past week I have had gratitude for: ~ Capturing heartwarming photos. ~ Delving into my thoughts to find the truths about ourselves and who we are. ~ Running into unexpected peeps… God’s timing and placement is nothing […]

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Gratitude Tuesday 12.4.12

In this moment, I have gratitude for: ~ My December Photo.A.Day Project ~ 50% off sales from The Body Shop ~ Putting up our Christmas Tree ~ Spartan Basketball and hangin’ with BP ~ Trips to the dentist… Because I have a thing for good oral hygiene… And dentists 😉 ~ Making scarves and giggling […]

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Gratitude Tuesday 11.27.12

In the moment I have gratitude for: – Dinner and bevies with Jill. – Thanksgiving Day Football. – Spending time with family. – The look on my nieces faces when I brought Miss Bella to see them. – Mashed potatoes, pumpkin cookies, Ma’s pasta and blue cheese stuffed olives. – My Ma’s hugs… Because then […]

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Gratitude Tuesday 11.20.12

As life goes on things evolve and change… Change is natural, change is good, change is important. That being said, Gratitude Tuesday is getting a funky-fresh new format… Enjoy! In the moment I’m thankful for: – Hearing Miss Bella’s little breath and snorts while she’s snoozin’ away. – Hot Showers. – Sleeping until 2pm. – […]

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Gratitude Tuesdays 11.6.12

Gratitude Tuesday is something I started so that I can share my thankfulness with the world at least once a week. My hope is that you will see the things in your life that you are thankful for and in your own way and space in time, share them with the people that you do life […]

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