An Open Letter to Coach Dantonio

Dear Coach Dantonio, It is with incredible gratitude and massive amounts of Spartan Pride that I write you this letter. I want to take this opportunity to thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Coach. Your unwavering commitment to achieving success for our Football Program has led us to become Champions. To […]

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A Whole Lot of Sweetness

Sweetest Day dates back to 1921 and for most is seen as a “Hallmark Holiday.” Hallmark or not, growing up in our house my Ma celebrated Sweetest Day. She always recognized my brother, sister and I as her Sweet Hearts. She used it as another opportunity to let us know we were loved, valued and […]

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Monday Musings 5.27.13

I am thankful this Memorial Day for those who have served, are serving or will serve the amazing US of A. I am thankful for their selfless service, unwavering courage and strength that transcends understanding. We love you, we thank you.

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Gratitude Tuesday 1.22.13

Gratitude Tuesday… in the moment I give thanks for: – Spending time with my Ma in Law – Patrick’s Salon & Spa and all the fabulous people that work there – My dog groomer – Spending time with Miss Lexie – Celebrating my step-nephew’s birthday – Marbles games that cause you to die laughing… Or […]

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Gratitude Tuesday 1.15.13

I feel like it has been ages since I have written a Gratitude post… While maybe is has been over a month with the holidays sprinkled in between, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been counting my blessings! This may be a little longer than usual but in the moment I am thankful for: – Multiple […]

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