Breaking News that Won’t Break You 🥰

Ciao Friends, Welcome back to this intimate little space. It’s been a while – I know. While I would like to blame all the things, the truth is, there is no blame to throw around. The time away from this blog has been something of a transformation – truly. I have some exciting news to […]

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Once Upon a Shitty Morning

Motherhood and marriage isn’t always pretty. Our social feeds have become highlight reels and sometimes it makes me cray-cray because we all know full well, that’s not real life. 🙈 For you Mama’s who are having a rough day, week, month, season, enjoy reading about the morning I recently had… and feel slightly better about […]

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A Thank You… To You.

About two years ago I made the choice to live my life out of the lens of gratitude. Ridiculously, unapologetically, disgustingly grateful for every moment, every person, every relationship, every problem, every success… EVERYTHING. It was a pivotal moment that changed the course of my life. Today, I share the gratitude with you. My incredible, […]

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Road Trippin’ Like Rockstars

It’s been many years since I have been on a road trip. Growing up my family wore a path between the Mitten and the southeast United States. Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, the Carolina’s. We drove everywhere… City to city, like rockstars in tour buses, except we had no tour bus and the Rockstar status existed only […]

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Monday Musings 10.20.14

Ashley Conrad is the real deal. For as much as I like to think I invented being so clutch that you can’t even handle it… I didn’t. She did. Gratitude, People. It’s all about gratitude.

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