Gratitude Tuesday 12.4.12


In this moment, I have gratitude for:

~ My December Photo.A.Day Project

~ 50% off sales from The Body Shop

~ Putting up our Christmas Tree

~ Spartan Basketball and hangin’ with BP

~ Trips to the dentist… Because I have a thing for good oral hygiene… And dentists 😉

~ Making scarves and giggling with my sister

~ Creating ReesaAnn Designs with said sister.

~ Indoor picnics with Sylvie Roo and Amelia Bedelia

~ Weekend photo shoots

~ Family trips to Giuseppie’s Italian Bakery

~ MSU Hockey games with my Pops.

~ Mortadella, Provolone & Proscuitto

~ Laying in front of the tree with Miss Bella writing my blog

~ Falling asleep on Hubbz’ shoulder

~ A fab new down comforter & duvet for our bed

~ Being done Christmas shopping at the beginning of December

Cheers to Gratitude, Dez

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