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Gratitude Tuesday 1.22.13

Gratitude Tuesday… in the moment I give thanks for: – Spending time with my Ma in Law – Patrick’s Salon & Spa and all the fabulous people that work there – My dog groomer – Spending time with Miss Lexie – Celebrating my step-nephew’s birthday – Marbles games that cause you to die laughing… Or […]

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Gratitude Tuesday 1.15.13

I feel like it has been ages since I have written a Gratitude post… While maybe is has been over a month with the holidays sprinkled in between, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been counting my blessings! This may be a little longer than usual but in the moment I am thankful for: – Multiple […]

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Gratitude Tuesday 12.11.12

I have been overwhelmed with gratitude lately… Life has just been so gosh darn incredibly amazing!!! In the past week I have had gratitude for: ~ Capturing heartwarming photos. ~ Delving into my thoughts to find the truths about ourselves and who we are. ~ Running into unexpected peeps… God’s timing and placement is nothing […]

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Gratitude Tuesday 12.4.12

In this moment, I have gratitude for: ~ My December Photo.A.Day Project ~ 50% off sales from The Body Shop ~ Putting up our Christmas Tree ~ Spartan Basketball and hangin’ with BP ~ Trips to the dentist… Because I have a thing for good oral hygiene… And dentists 😉 ~ Making scarves and giggling […]

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Gratitude Tuesday 11.20.12

As life goes on things evolve and change… Change is natural, change is good, change is important. That being said, Gratitude Tuesday is getting a funky-fresh new format… Enjoy! In the moment I’m thankful for: – Hearing Miss Bella’s little breath and snorts while she’s snoozin’ away. – Hot Showers. – Sleeping until 2pm. – […]

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