Gratitude Tuesday 1.15.13

20121127-172743.jpgI feel like it has been ages since I have written a Gratitude post… While maybe is has been over a month with the holidays sprinkled in between, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been counting my blessings! This may be a little longer than usual but in the moment I am thankful for:

– Multiple dinners with different groups of friends to catch up during the pre-holiday madness.

– Getting surprised with tickets to the MSU Alumni Basketball Game at Jenison.

– Painting.

– Texts from the Bahamas.

– Christmas Eve.

– Christmas.

– Shopping with my step-sistah for New Year’s Eve outfits.

– MSU winning our Bowl game!!!

– Cowboys football (and the heart attacks that come with it!)

– NEW. YEARS. EVE. of semi-epic proportions.

– New Years Day (FOOTBALL.)

– U of M losing to The Gamecocks (yeah, I said that!)

– Sleepovers with Vivi-Roo.

– Friday night yoga classes.

– RisaAnn Designs (dot com)… CHECK IT OUT!

– Get togethers with Mary & Brandon… And THEIR BABY!

– Family parties in Deeeeetroiiiiit (It’s where I basically spent every weekend of my childhood!)

– Impromptu lunch with MillerTime.

– Yogalates.

– MSU Hockey games.

– The Apple Store.

So there you have it… A snippet of my Gratitude from the past month… Kinda random, kinda all over, kinda just totally my kind of post!

Cheers, Dez

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