Monday Musings 1.14.13

I saw this little musing and it totally hit home for me. It may sound a little, well, arrogant but it’s not meant to… See, if you have read any of my other posts you will understand that my 29th year on God’s great Earth has been quite the transition year for me personally and professionally.

We get to a point in life when we realize that time is precious and we only get one shot- We don’t have time in life to worry about what others think of us- No time to try and convince people that who we are is something special and unique. It took me a lot of years to love the girl in this pierced, scarred and inked up skin, and for the first time in my life I found peace in the fact that I don’t have to convince anyone to like me… And the craziest part about it is I have more love and deep friendships than I have ever imagined. It’s amazing what happens when you “Let go and let God work.”

Sitting Here in Awe of God, Dez


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