A Lesson from the Late Figaro

If you know me even a smidgen, you know that I am an animal lover… And not just “oh look, there is a cute puppy.” I’m the weird chick over there chatting it up with that dog I just met- because you know they understand us. I have been known to volunteer my time at the local animal shelter just so I can let the dogs and cats know they are loved and so not forgotten! I love my pup to the ends of the Earth and I spoil her (almost) rotten. She is amazing and can do no wrong, even when she does bark at inanimate objects at three in the morning.

If given the option by Hubbz, I would have 5 dogs, a cat, this fish tank (stocked full of amazing fish), a goat, a horse and possibly a cow (they are REALLY smart animals!) …Of course, Hubbz has not given me that option, he thinks one dog is enough…

In addition to BellaRoo, we did at one time have a fish… Well, I had a fish. His name was Figaro (or as I liked to say it “Fiiiiiigarrrrrrrooooooooo, Fiiiiiigarrrrrrrooooooooo, FIGARO FIGARO FIGARO, Fiiiiiigarrrrrrrooooooooo!” (he liked it, I swear!) Anyway, when I saw him in that little Beta Bowl at the pet store it was love at first site. It was as if Heaven’s light shined down on his little bowl and God told me I needed him. Now Heaven’s light may have just been a faulty bulb flickering above but just incase it wasn’t, I did what any God-fearing Christian would do and I brought him home with me. I bought a new tank, some awesome rocks and some decor so he could feel like he was swimming in the bottom of a really cool seaweed shipwreck! …Fast-forward to 5pm… Hubbz walks in, I ever so excitedly present him with the newest member of the family… And then… He leaves. (I know what you are thinking, he didn’t even say hi to Fig!) Something told me he was not pleased. Upon further investigation turns out he may or may not have said he didn’t want a fish… The story goes that he told me numerous times but to be honest, I only remember one conversation about it… And I didn’t really believe him because, I mean, who doesn’t want a fish?! He eventually forgave me and while I would like to say Hubbz and Figaro really bonded it was more like Fig grew on him… Like fungus.

Figaro was with us for a good 8 months before he went to Fishy Heaven to swim in the big pond in the sky. I ceremoniously flushed him down the toilet, and may or may not have shed a tear. He was a good fish… and he taught me a good lesson about respecting what my Husband wants (or doesn’t.) Who knew an early on lesson in a young marriage would come from an adorable little blue Beta named Figaro.

Cheers, Dez


photo: fishybobo

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