Thinking Out Loud

I sat on the couch nestled in with Bella curled up on my lap reading a fascinating book for one of my classes. My sweet Hubbz, outside doing his weekly mow on the lawn that he loves to keep so pristine. I could hear the speakers on the deck filling the summer evening with tunes. […]

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A Lesson from the Late Figaro

If you know me even a smidgen, you know that I am an animal lover… And not just “oh look, there is a cute puppy.” I’m the weird chick over there chatting it up with that dog I just met- because you know they understand us. I have been known to volunteer my time at […]

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Inspiration at the Local Greenhouse

The month of May brings lots of wonderful things and events… One in particular is the annual trip to the local greenhouse… Click Here for Inspiration at the Local Greenhouse Cheers, Dez

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