Spring Has Sprung… Is Your Furry Friend Ready? is a rock out site with some of the best pet products around. Want to see for yourself? Check it out by clicking this link! I have had the chance to check out two products that they carry and both myself and Miss Bella were wildly impressed. The first was the FURminator Dual Brush […]

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A Lesson from the Late Figaro

If you know me even a smidgen, you know that I am an animal lover… And not just “oh look, there is a cute puppy.” I’m the weird chick over there chatting it up with that dog I just met- because you know they understand us. I have been known to volunteer my time at […]

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Wacky Wednesday Swag

Because you always need a rather large shark lurking around. You won’t be able to be all zen at work without this. If you don’t find this funny then you clearly have no sense of humor. A little something for the pet in your life. Cheers, Dez  

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