Pinterest Gone Wrong

I’m a smidgen of a perfectionist, so the idea of posting my flawed Pinterest project on my blog made me sweat a little… No seriously, clammy hands, sweaty pits, the works (sexy, yes, I know.) All of this while worrying about what future employers will think of me when they social media stalk me and […]

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Monday Musings 4.29.13

I love make-up. It’s an outlet I have always gone to as a way to channel my creative energy. I love being able to create the look to go with the dress. I love being able to take someones features and make them defined and alluring, sultry and sexy. I love what a touch of […]

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A Lesson from the Late Figaro

If you know me even a smidgen, you know that I am an animal lover… And not just “oh look, there is a cute puppy.” I’m the weird chick over there chatting it up with that dog I just met- because you know they understand us. I have been known to volunteer my time at […]

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