Pinterest Gone Wrong

I’m a smidgen of a perfectionist, so the idea of posting my flawed Pinterest project on my blog made me sweat a little… No seriously, clammy hands, sweaty pits, the works (sexy, yes, I know.) All of this while worrying about what future employers will think of me when they social media stalk me and find out I’m not ::gulp:: perfect.

In an effort to be real and authentic, here I am posting (yet another) mistake for all the world to enjoy… And hopefully learn from.

That whole measure twice, cut once theory… Evidently it applies to spelling out iron-on letters as well.

Cheers to getting in a good WOKROUT on a daily basis… And learning to laugh at yourself!

(I might still wear them and see if anyone notices… With my workouts at 6am I have a feeling no one will bat an eye!)

photo (13)

CheersDez cursiveslope

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