Gratitude Tuesday 11.20.12

As life goes on things evolve and change… Change is natural, change is good, change is important. That being said, Gratitude Tuesday is getting a funky-fresh new format… Enjoy!

In the moment I’m thankful for:

– Hearing Miss Bella’s little breath and snorts while she’s snoozin’ away.

– Hot Showers.

– Sleeping until 2pm.

– Dinners at my favorite place.

– Meaningful conversations.

– Riv Church.

– Seeing my step-brother and step-sister and their boys.

– Sideline passes for a college football game.

– Yoga.

– Meeting Zeke.

– Waking up with Miss Bella cuddled up to me nose-to-nose.

– Afternoon naps.

– Healing runs.

– Facebook chats with a friend.

– Being referred to as “Awesome Sauce.”

Cheers, Dez

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