Gratitude Tuesday 12.11.12


I have been overwhelmed with gratitude lately… Life has just been so gosh darn incredibly amazing!!! In the past week I have had gratitude for:

~ Capturing heartwarming photos.

~ Delving into my thoughts to find the truths about ourselves and who we are.

~ Running into unexpected peeps… God’s timing and placement is nothing short of divine.

~ Girl time with my Ma and Sistah… And laughing like crazy!

~ BFF’s who know our secrets and love us no matter what.

~ Passing tests!

~ Photographs of the super-duper amazing kids at CADSA meeting SANTA!

~ Afternoons getting pampered at the salon and adorable nail art that consists of snowflakes and snowmen.

~ Making Christmas Cookies.

~ Relaxing… ALL. DAY. LONG.

~ The spill free spout on my new juicer.

~ Siri… It’s like she knows me!

~ Getting Christmas cards in the mail ::hearts::

~ Green pens.

~ Seeing my church on campus today handing out free coffee to the students as they cram for finals.

~ Getting woken up by my pups paws digging into my ribs… It really is endearing… Painful, yet endearing.

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