3 Sweet Secrets to a Happy Life

Hi Friends! 👋🏼 Episode #2 launched this morning. To check out ”3 Sweet Secrets to a Happy Life”, be-bop your way over to Amazon Music, Apple, Google Podcasts & Spotify to tune in! Love what you heard?📌Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode – it’s going to be a great season!📌Share my podcast on social […]

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Heads v. Hearts

I was scrolling Instagram one fine afternoon and came across this lovely little pictorial about emotions and energy and where we feel things. I am a firm believer in head and heart emotions. It should go without saying, I was fascinated by this! It got me thinking about how we internalize emotions and the “what […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 4.4.14

I am jumping on the Minimalist Bandwagon… I’ll be an iGadget toting Minimalist. I like the sound of that. I snagged the idea here. Just a reminder that people don’t suck. You life color-coded… Just the thing you never knew you needed to do. The Greatest Tournament in Golf is almost here! Will Ferrell puts […]

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A Note to 2012

Dear 2012, As you come to a close I wanted to write you a note of thanks. You, my friend, were a hard year for me- but one that proved to provide the most growth I have ever achieved. Thank you for the life changes you brought me. Thank you for the lessons that were […]

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