A Note to 2012

Dear 2012,

As you come to a close I wanted to write you a note of thanks. You, my friend, were a hard year for me- but one that proved to provide the most growth I have ever achieved. Thank you for the life changes you brought me. Thank you for the lessons that were some of the most difficult I have ever had to learn. They say nothing good comes easy and that rang truer than true! You taught me about love, marriage, commitment, friendships, careers, faith, peace and perhaps most important, happiness. The lessons you brought weren’t easy but they are mine and I embrace them because they changed me… And I can say with nothing but a smile on this last day of 2012 that “All is well with my soul.”

You brought me a renewed love and commitment in my marriage… And the beautiful realization that while Hubbz isn’t “perfect,” he is the most incredible, caring, funny, uber-sexy man I could ever dream of doing life with.

You brought me new amazing friendships with people who have good hearts and who only wish the best for me. The flip side is that you took away friendships that weren’t helping me prosper in my life… And while this was sad and I shed a lot of tears, it was for the best.

You brought me closer to my career goals than I ever imagined. I left a job I had fun at and a job that I was good at to pursue my passion for photography and social media. These past 7 months have been fun and exciting and essential to my growth.

You took my Faith in Christ to the brink and tested every ounce of my being… When I got to rock bottom you gracefully handed me a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Most important, 2012, you bestowed on me the greatest gift of all… Happiness. I learned that it doesn’t matter if I am dancing on tables or rocking my nephew to sleep, traveling to incredible places or reading a good book in my warm bed… Happiness is there in every moment, every situation, every single second, and the only thing we have to do is embrace it.

Thank you, 2012… You have been incredible.

Cheers, Dez

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