Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 11.21.14

Enjoying My Amazing Husband. Rocking My Career. Loving My Masters Pursuit. Immersing Myself in Gym Time. Mentoring Students. Loving on our Pup. Cultivating Friendships. Life has been busy and Funkay-Fresh Friday Links have been a bit, how shall I say… Scattered! Have no fear… They are back. (At least this week!) Ha! None the less, […]

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A Whole Lot of Sweetness

Sweetest Day dates back to 1921 and for most is seen as a “Hallmark Holiday.” Hallmark or not, growing up in our house my Ma celebrated Sweetest Day. She always recognized my brother, sister and I as her Sweet Hearts. She used it as another opportunity to let us know we were loved, valued and […]

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Photo•A•Day December 15th

Photo•A•Day #December 15, 2012 “Favorite Holiday Song” This needs no explanation… Favorite version of my favorite Christmas song. Click the link below to check out the song on YouTube! Cheers, Dez

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Photo.A. Day December 2nd

Photo.A. Day December 2, 2012 “Favorite Holiday Movie” Love Actually is a bunch of love stories twisted together in all of the imperfect perfectness… Making it my most favorite of Christmas movies. Cheers, Dez

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