A Whole Lot of Sweetness

Sweetest Day dates back to 1921 and for most is seen as a “Hallmark Holiday.” Hallmark or not, growing up in our house my Ma celebrated Sweetest Day. She always recognized my brother, sister and I as her Sweet Hearts. She used it as another opportunity to let us know we were loved, valued and special. My Ma is amazing like that. If you know anything about “The 5 Love Languages” I have two… One of them happens to be Gifts… So this always worked as a fun thing in my favor!

Fast forward a decade or so… I’m 4 years into a relationship with Hubbz and it’s Sweetest Day 2005… He bought me the most amazing gift I could have ever wanted. She was 2 lbs. and fit in the palm of my hand. Her name is Bella and she is curled up sleeping in my lap as I type. She fills my heart and taught me more about responsibility than my younger self ever thought a purebred princess dog could.

A year goes by and another Sweetest Day has rolled around… This year instead of buying me a puppy, Hubbz got down on one knee and gave me the most beautiful wedding rock I could have ever dreamed into creation. In a room full of family, at one of our favorite restaurants, over a roll of Sweet Tarts he asked me to be his wife.

Almost a year to the day following Hubbz’s proposal, I walked down the aisle and said “I Do!” to the most incredible man I have ever met. I remember on the back of the wedding programs I printed “…And they lived happily ever after.” Don’t get me wrong, not all days are right out of the fairy tales. Marriage is one of the hardest commitments you will ever enter into and sometimes you might seriously wonder what the hell you did (everyone questions it at one point or another, just no one admits it.) Through the peaks and valleys, the good days and the really ugly ones Hubbz and I have been able to create something AHHHMAZINGLY delish!

Christ’s love, commitment and promise has held us together and never forsaken us. His love has kept us strong through trials (even the self-inflicted ones), courageous in times of fear and steadfast to each other when all we could think to do was bail.

On the 11th Sweetest Day with the hottest, Italian, beard-rockin’, man of God that I know… I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to spend my journey with Hubbz.

Cheers, Dez

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