3 Seemingly Simple Steps

My beautiful sister told me about a bible study that she loved. Right now, I am in the midst of it and I can’t get enough. It is called “Wife After God“. (Dudes and single chicks, don’t stop reading- there’s something in this for you, I promise!) It is a pretty quick thirty day study […]

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Monday Musings 10.7.13

Truth. Honor. Righteousness. Purity. Love. Admiration. Our lives are hectic and constantly pulled in all directions. Through the chaos, it is our job to stay focused. Focused on the unshakable virtues of life. The unmessable-with virtues that don’t change. The ones that stay. The ones that stick. Truth. Honor. Righteousness. Purity. Love. Admiration. Cheers, Dez […]

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Word of the Year 2013

My amazing sister came up with the idea last year to pick a word for the year… It was a word that was fitting to us and our life and a word that would pull you up in troubled times and allow you to thrive when life was grander than grand. My word for 2012 […]

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