3 Seemingly Simple Steps

My beautiful sister told me about a bible study that she loved. Right now, I am in the midst of it and I can’t get enough. It is called “Wife After God“. (Dudes and single chicks, don’t stop reading- there’s something in this for you, I promise!) It is a pretty quick thirty day study that blows my mind on a daily basis. Today’s message was a simple one, fit for all of humanity. Three (seemingly) simple commands to live our purpose, backed up by scripture:

1) Honor God with our Bodies. Not going to lie, sometimes most times, I suck at this. More than the size of clothes we wear, more than the flawlessness of our skin, God wants us to use our bodies to honor him. He wants us to focus on the size of our hearts and the flawlessness of our actions. It sounds so simple, but in a day and age when beautiful skin, arched brows and tight tummy’s trump loving hearts and self-less actions, it’s not so simple. I know this because I struggle with it… Everyday. It is insane amounts of simple to get wrapped up in the way we look and the amount of attention we receive. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying look frumpy, get fatty-McFat and let the brows go! What I am saying (and learning as I go) is maybe there is a balance. Maybe there is a space between super-model glam and frump-face that we can live and be and thrive. In that space we can honor Christ with this vessel he gave us.

2) Be Holy. In simple terms, God calls us to be IN the world, not OF the World… Which most days is way easier said than done! A lot of times, I suck at this also. Do you know how easy it is to see the next new sexy iGadget and need to have it immediately? Do you know how easy it is to see other people’s highlight reels on Facebook and not start to feel a twinge of “my life is lame.”? Do you know how easy it is to see the most beautiful pair of stiletto’s in the window of (insert your fav store here) and even though your debit card says a firm “No, Dollface.” Your feet are screaming “YESSSSSSSSSSSS Dahhhhhling!” I’ve learned something… The moment you buy them, there is a new iGadget coming out. Facebook highlight reels are exactly that… HIGHLIGHTS. There will always be another pair of stiletto’s to woo your heart. So we focus on God, we let our light shine and we find a peace that allows us to feel the Holy.

3) Love Extravagantly. This one satisfies my soul. I love to love people…. Even the ones that totally suck. First love God, then love everyone else. Love people in ridiculous fashion. Love people so deeply that it confuses them. Love people that hurt you (yes, even the one you just thought about and said “except them”… Love them the most.) Love people that lie about you, spread rumors about you, cause you strife. Love them the most because they are the ones that need it the worst. There is good in everyone, find it and love it. Once you get good at that, then start to love them in spite of the bad. It’s easy to love the people who love you back- But to love the ones that make you want to throw up in your mouth, that’s hard to do. Do it anyway. You will be blessed.

So that’s it. In a nutshell. The 3 commands that explain who we are called to be in this world. They seem simple but will take a lifetime to refine. Thank God (literally) that he isn’t finished with me… YET!

CheersDez cursiveslope

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