Super Bowl Inspired Monday Musings 2.3.14

SUPER BOWL 2014 LOGO_fullYesterday marked the last day of Football for a while – at least until the NFL Combine in a couple weeks! If you live under a rock you may have missed the game and the commercials (which this year, proved not to be such a bad thing- but that’s another blog post!)

Here were some of my favorite commercials of Super Bowl Sunday 2014. Enjoy!

Budweiser outdid themselves yet again with this ad. I deemed it marketing at it’s finest! It captured the hearts of both men and women and did it in a way that was classy and humorous. If you didn’t feel all heartfelt and cozy after seeing this, you may be a sociopath, or just not have a heart. (I’m KIDDING! …kind of.)

There were two T-Mobile commercials featuring (my beloved) Tim Tebow. “We can save the whales, we can talk to animals and we can bring World Peace!” Sign me up! I’m going to be really honest and say the acting was as terrible as his skills as a QB1 and I only loved these because I adore the man. The kicker here is that his humility made me love him even MORE! DOH!

I LOVED this commercial! What better way to explain a new addition to the family than over a bowl of Cheerios. Let’s face it, Little Miss Gracie stole the hearts of millions with her adorable little “And a puppy!” line! If she were my daughter I would buy her 3 puppies… And a pony and a dollhouse and whatever else she wanted! Cute as can be! Way to go, Cheerio’s!

CheersDez cursiveslope

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