Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 9.12.14

Another week has flown by and what a week it was… Very emotional at that! World Suicide Prevention Day to September 11th, my heart mourns and yet it is full of hope and gratitude. As always, let me know your thoughts! World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10th… Read On. Welcome to Midnight… Read On. No […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 6.6.14

Incase you live under a rock… This should catch you up on life… Or at least all things Apple.  If the whole new iOS unveiling wasn’t enough to rock your world, there’s always this. This one is for my Football Lovin’ Design peeps… Why break the tradition of roman numerals when there are insanely incredible […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 5.30.14

Another Friday recaps another week full of life! This Bachelor’s video is 3:31 of hilarious. Boys will be Boys! OTA’s have kicked-off for my Cowboys in a very bad way with Sean Lee tearing his left ACL… I am blaming Jerry. (I am also being facetious!) Why is it that oftentimes in death, is the only […]

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Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 3.21.14

San Francisco 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is on my Top 5 Fav’s list of NFL coaches. It is natural that I found this clip wildly amusing. There was an earthquake in L.A. Monday morning. I am impressed with these news anchors… I would have peed my pants. I hate being tempted to do things […]

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Super Bowl Inspired Monday Musings 2.3.14

Yesterday marked the last day of Football for a while – at least until the NFL Combine in a couple weeks! If you live under a rock you may have missed the game and the commercials (which this year, proved not to be such a bad thing- but that’s another blog post!) Here were some […]

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